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Maldon, is a small market town in the county of Essex, UK.
Adjacent to the Rivers Chelmer and Blackwater.
Population approx. 14,034, (2001 Census), Area 3,035 Acres, 1,228 Hectares,
Elevation from Sea-level (River) to top of Market Hill 98.5Ft, 30m.
Maximum height is at Maldon Cemetery 124.6 Ft, 38m.

Maldon today is a curious town of antiquity.  The Iron Age, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, and Normans were here - and they've all left something behind for us to remember them.

Today Maldon is known as a much treasured gem of Essex - an Anglo Saxon Burgh on a hill above the Blackwater River.  Henry II in 1171 gave a Royal Charter to Maldon.
Nationally it has been voted the third best Market Town in the whole country.

Even now it is a laid back time capsule, its ancient buildings, churches, shops and pubs with townsfolk who still enjoy a drink in the bars where their ancestors of the 14C & 15C took a tipple.

Maldon has a magic of its own and at the lower end of its High Street (formally Little Maldon), another curiosity, an astonishing sight for visitors; The Hythe.  Home to Thames Barges, still sailing as they did in Victorian times, overlooked by St. Mary's church.  You can sit on the huge bank that adjoins their moorings and watch them go by.  What a super sight!

Up the rise then and back into the Town past so many Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants, Take aways, Shops ever so quaint.

Maldon's Future:
A Community View

Available from Maldon Town Council Offices


Public films held in Maldon Town Hall, Market Hill.

Maldon Film Club.

Members only Film Club held in Maldon Town Hall, Market Hill.

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Marine Lake

Brief history of Maldon's Marine Lake a former natural "Lidos", now reopened; April 2006.

Maldon Community Policing

Community and Neighbourhood Policing in Maldon, including public meetings.

Maldon in Bloom

Maldon in Bloom Competion.

Maldon Town Council

Public meetings and Town Council matters.  Current year.

Maldon Town Council

Archive, of Town Council meetings 22 April 2002 - 10 May 2010.

Maldon Youth Council

Maldon Youth Council.

Maldon District Council

Public meetings and District Council matters. Current year to 6 May 2010.

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Memories of visitors to Maldon.

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