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Agenda of Meeting

1st April 2003

A chance to air your views on matters concerning the TOWN

26th March, 2003

Dear Councillor,

You are hereby invited to attend a meeting of the FINANCE AND GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE to be held in the CONFERENCE ROOM, Town Hall, Market Hill, Maldon on TUESDAY, 1st April 2003 commencing at 7.30 p.m. when the undermentioned business is proposed to be transacted.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Helen Vincent
Town Clerk


Vice Chairman:

Cllr. S. Thain

Cllr. P. Rew

E. Bannister, M. Bentley, Mrs. M. Curtis, W. Prior, Mrs. S. Riesebeck,
P. Roberts, (Town Mayor) and T. Shrimpton.


(copy circulated with the agenda for the Town Council meeting held on 10th March, 2003)

TOWN CLERK'S REPORT (copy herewith)

Receipts and Expenditure
 3.2 Donations:

(a) Maldon District Handicapped Children's Association
(b) Maldon & South Chelmsford Mental Health Forum

Subscription - Direct Information Service 2003/04

Essex County Council Pension Fund - Statement of Investment Principles Consultation March 2003

Health & Safety

Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 - Statutory Instrument and Guidance Circular

Appointment of part time Town Hall Caretaker

Risk Assessment Course


Working Party

Further to minute 150 of the Town Council meeting held on 10th March, 2003 to consider appointing members to serve upon the Christmas Lights Working Party. For information Mr Andrew Wilson will be representing the Town Centre Strategy Group at Working Party meetings.
 4.2 Site Visit

A representative of Blachere Wonderland Illuminations visited Maldon on Monday, 24th March and will be submitting suggested designs and costings for High Street illuminations.

Further to minute 85.8 of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting held on 4th March, 22003 to receive and consider the report of Cllr. Savage regarding the possible purchase of a digital camera for Town Council use.

Further to minute 158 of the Town Council meeting held on 10th March, 2003 members will recall that the suggestion of relocating the Town Sign to West Square was rejected and members were of the opinion that the matter should be left to the Essex County Council. A suggestion has now been made that a District Council sign be situated in this location. In view of the fact that this area will form a gateway to the High Street members are requested to reconsider the suggestion of relocating the Town Sign to West Square.


Front Door Entry System

Further to minute 69.2 of the Finance and General Purpose Committee meeting held on 26th November, 2002 members will recall that an additional sum has been included in the estimates to cover the provision of an entry system for the front door of the Town Hall.

In this respect members are requested to receive and consider the following quotation from Access & Lock for the supply and installation of an entry system:

To supply and commission the extra CCTV camera as specified - 395.00 plus VAT

To supply and fit a door buzzer as specified - 195.00 plus VAT
(All equipment / materials are guaranteed for 12 months)
 7.2 Free use of the Town Hall

a. Maldon Youth Council

Further to note 6(d) of the Youth Council meeting held on 11th March, 2003 members are requested to consider free use of the Town Hall for a disco which would be run by the Youth Council in conjunction with the Essex County Council Youth Service on Friday, 16th May, 2003.

b. Maldon Lions

Members are informed that correspondence has been received from the Maldon Lions enquiring if it would be possible for the hire fee of the Town Hall to be waived or reduced for an "Oompah Night" to be held in October 2003 to raise monies for local charities and in this respect members are requested to consider this request.

c. Shakespeare Festival

Further to minute 138 of the Council meeting held on 28 January, 2003 members will recall that it was agreed that the Town Hall or Conference Room be offered, free of charge, as a rehearsal facility for the Shakespeare Festival. In view of this rehearsals for the play are now being held on Wednesday evenings and a number of Friday evenings up until 14 June, 2003. The Arts & Events Officer, Maldon District Council has enquired if there is to be any charge for the additional use on Friday evenings.
 7.3 Replacement Oven Range

Further to minute 89.4 of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting held on 4th March, 2003 members are informed that enquiries regarding a replacement gas range for the main kitchen of the Town Hall have been made as requested at Cantelec and Tec Elect.

Canon domestic quality gas / electric range in the sum of 1800.00.

Domestic quality 4 burner range with double oven and grill area on hob 1190.00

As suggested in the previous report circulated to members it is therefore recommended that a Lincat Silverlink 600 - 6 burner range (medium duty) be purchased from Polarcool Limited, Tolleshunt Major in the sum of 1150.00.

For information quotations are currently being sought for the installation of a replacement range from Corgi registered gas fitters which may be available at the meeting.

Further to minute 80 of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held on 13 January, 2003. A number of firms have been requested to quote for repairs to the roof of the White Horse Lane Public Conveniences but despite further requests only one firm has responded. In view of this it is recommended that the following quotation from Blackwater Roofing be accepted:

Strip off defective and broken small plain tiles and replace with the closest as possible to match. For the sum of 368.00 plus VAT.
(Public Health Act 1936 s.87)



Further to the Moot Hall Quinquennial report members will recall that it was suggested that the flagpole required attention and possibly replacing. A top section of the flagpole has now broken and in view of this two firms have been contacted regarding possible repairs or replacement. It is hoped that both quotations will be available at the meeting.
 9.2 Refurbishment of Chairs

Further to minute 90.2 of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting held on 4 March, 2003 Cllrs. Roberts, Shrimpton and Thain and the Town Clerk met with Mr. C. Beardall on Tuesday 25 March, 2003 to discuss the restoration of the chairs in the Council Chamber, Moot Hall.

Mr. Beardall said the chairs were dated between1860 - 1880 and he explained the work that would be undertaken to restore the chairs. This would involve the upholstery being removed, the woodwork being assessed, the old glue removed and the frames repaired, where necessary, and re-glued using traditional glue, the wood would be cleaned and waxed polished and the original fillings would be used. New webbing would be required in most cases and some of the chairs would need new springs prior to the hide being placed over the seats. In answer to a question Mr. Beardall said it would be more expensive to use the old hide as it was stretched, dry and could tear easily.

Members were reminded that the Town Council had been making provision for the repair of these chairs over a number of years and Mr. Beardall confirmed that they were very valuable and if they were restored their value would increase.

Members in attendance were of the opinion that the chairs should be restored and it was also felt that the Mayor's Chair should be recovered and in this respect it was noted that this would cost 45.

As a result of the site meeting it is:

Recommended that the quotation from Clive Beardall as follows be accepted:

24 chairs at 185.00 per chair    4,440.00
1 chair at                                          45.00
To supply hide                            1,225.00
Total                                           5,710.00 plus VAT

(L.G. Act 1972 s.133)

MAELDUNE TRUST (copies herewith)

Minutes of the Maeldune Trust meeting held on 22nd January, 2003

To receive and consider the minutes of the Maeldune Trust meeting held on 22nd January, 2003.
 10.2 Alarm Systems

To receive the report regarding the alarm systems.

Members are informed that the Annual Maintenance Test and Inspection of the lightning protection system at the Moot Hall and Plume Building are due and in this respect to receive and consider the following quotations to undertake the annual inspection for the period 1st April 2003 to 31st March, 2004:

(a) WM & RW Bacon - Moot Hall   64.00 plus VAT
Plume Building                                  103.00 plus VAT

(b) Gray & Sons                                250 for the two
 12. ALL SAINTS' CHURCH HALL (report herewith)

ITEMS   (copy, report herewith)  are available for inspection at the Town Hall during normal office hours.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Mayor will invite questions from
members of the press and public in attendance.

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