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HELD ON MONDAY 26th APRIL, 2004 AT 7.30 P.M.

PRESENT: Chairman: Cllr S Savage
Vice Chairman: Cllr J Swallow
Councillors: Mrs M Curtis, Cllr K Jennings, I Mackenzie
T Matthams, Mrs S Riesebeck, T Shrimpton and
K Smith (Town Mayor).
In Attendance: Mr A Pipe, Casualty Reduction Unit, Essex Police, the Town Clerk and the Planning Committee Clerk.

There were no apologies for absence.

Members agreed to consider item 3 of the agenda first and the Chairman welcomed Mr Pipe to the meeting.

Further to minute 247.b. of the Planning Committee meeting held on 13th April 2004, Mr Adam Pipe a representative of the Casualty Reduction Unit, Essex Police was present at the meeting to speak regarding the operational policies and working practices of the Unit.

Mr Pipe said he would give a brief overview of the Essex Police Casualty Reduction Unit who were committed to reduce accidents and were determined to achieve good results this year although it does become more difficult each year to achieve. The three main ways of achieving this were Environmental, Education and Engineering Strategy.

Environmental Strategy- Mr Pipe reported that road policing was low on the Government's priorities and said that Essex Police were lucky to still have a Road Policing Unit as many other areas do not. The unit consists of 4-5 cars each day covering a wide area and dealing with many accidents which leaves little time for enforcement or being proactive. The Unit looks at where accidents are occurring, which are often in small concentrated areas, and if there have been more than 7 accidents or 1 death the area becomes a beat code; last year Maldon was one. In answer to a question Mr Pipe confirmed that they do have to wait until there are a high level of accidents before the area becomes a beat code.

Mr Pipe circulated a copy of injury collision data relating to Maldon and taken over the last three years and informed members that he had spoken to the Highways Department, Essex County Council regarding the clusters of accidents in Fambridge Road, West Square and The Causeway. As part of the Enforcement Strategy the Camera Partnership which consists of the Essex County Council, Essex Magistrates and Highways only sites static or mobile cameras where there are speed related problems, how often depends on how serious the problem is. Mr Pipe reported that the Fambridge Road mobile speed camera may not continue as the police vans are having to park on the pavement at present which results in complaints being received from the public. New legislation may enable officers in reflective coats to be in situ using tripods without the police vehicle being on display. This legislation only covers the Camera Partnership, Road Policing Officers can operate any where and this is a very emotive subject.

Members were informed that the speed cameras were self financing and any revenue raised above budget goes to Central Government.

Educational Strategy - The Unit is working in partnership with Essex County Council and undertakes bike safe initiatives such as visiting areas which attract motorcyclists and talking to them. They are implementing a Driver Improvement Scheme in respect of motorcyclists which would provide the opportunity for motorcyclists who have committed an offence to attend a 2 day theory and practical training course instead of going through the courts such a scheme already operates in respect of motorists. It was reported that 48 out of 120 accidents are due to young drivers and at a recent seminar this matter was discussed.

Mr Pipe reported that Speed Indicator Display Signs (SIDS) have been located in certain areas where there are problems with speeding motorists; they have been a phenomenal success and very well received across the county. The smiley face has a dramatic impact and is not a big stick approach. A copy of Guidelines for Speed Cameras was circulated to members.

Engineering Strategy - Mr Pipe reported that the Unit works closely with the Highways Department, Essex County Council and he referred to the cluster of accidents at the junction of Fambridge and Cross Roads which were included in the previously circulated injury collision data and said that the extended yellow lines had improved the situation. Reference was made to the Accident Reduction 2010 Task Group and the fact that it was hoped adult accidents would be reduced by 40% and children's accidents by 50% by 2010.

If an area is highlighted where four or more collisions have taken place over a three year period discussions will take place with Essex County Council Officers and Mouchel, Essex County Contractor, and the implementation of white lining or traffic calming will take place; funds are made available outside the Locally Determined Programme.

In answer to a question regarding accidents and parked cars Mr Pipe replied that parked cars tend to make a natural traffic restriction as without these the traffic would travel faster and there would be more accidents.

Parking of pavements was discussed and Mr Pipe said it was not illegal to park on the pavement but it is illegal to drive on the pavement. It is an offence to totally obstruct the footway and a test for this is whether a double buggy can be pushed past.

Mr Pipe reported that Mobility Buggies can not be used on the road unless they have been specifically adapted.

Mr Pipe finished by saying that the Unit meets with the Highways Department every eight weeks and if any information or statistics were required by the Town Council he would be happy to help.

The Chairman thanked Mr Pipe and said it had been very interesting and that the Town Council would be in touch in the future.

RECOMMENDED: that a letter be forwarded to Mr Pipe thanking him for attending the Planning Committee meeting.

Cllr J Swallow left the meeting at 7.55 pm.

Members received and considered the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 13th April 2004.

Minute 245.a.19 - FUL/MAL/04/00015

(a) Cllr Mrs Riesebeck said that newts had been seen between the pond and the Fire Station and reported that there had been a chemical spillage in the ditch, that the drum was still there and she would try again to report it to the Environment Department, Maldon District Council.

(b) The Chairman reported that the situation regarding this area of land at Wycke Hill was now with the Ombudsman.

Minute 245.b.10 - FUL/MAL/04/00376

Cllr Mackenzie reported that the planning application regarding the reconstruction of the sea wall at the Promenade Park was not common knowledge to the river users and although there were information signs there were no plans, it was also noted that there had not been a great deal of publicity of this application in the Maldon and Burnham Standard. The Chairman said he would check that notices had been displayed on the Promenade Park.

RESOLVED: that the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 13th April 2004 were confirmed and signed as a true record.

Members received and considered planning applications for weeks ended:
a. 8th April, 2004
   1. RES/MAL/04/00377 MALDON NORTH

Reserved Matters
Approval of reserved matters (14 no flats with parking)
Tennis Courts, Park Road, Maldon
Chelsteen Homes

RESOLVED: that the Town Council has no objection to this application.


Listed Building Consen
Advertisement Application
Installation of fascia signage (non illuminated)
Installation of hanging projection sign (non illuminated)
69-71 High Street, Maldon
Prezzo Ltd

RESOLVED: that the Town Council has no objection to this application.
b. 16th April, 2004
   3. FUL/MAL/04/00354 MALDON EAST

Full Application
First floor rear extension and detached garage.
Finch Cottage, 41 Mill Road, Maldon
Mr and Mrs Ogg

RESOLVED: that the Town Council has no objection to this application.


Full Application
Redevelopment of the existing site for the erection of 54 sheltered apartments plus house managers accommodation with associated car parking and landscaping.

36 Spital Road, Maldon

Members noted that the above application had been amended by the submission of a revised plan. Members recalled that the Town Council objected to this application (minute 247.b.17 refers) due to insufficient car parking and inadequate site access and requested that if the Maldon District Council were mindful to grant consent further consideration should be given to the colour of the roof tiles.

RESOLVED: that the Town Council object to this application due to insufficient car parking and inadequate site access and members felt that the removal of the hipped ends was retrograde to the application. However, if the Maldon District Council were mindful to grant consent further consideration should be given to the colour of the roof tiles.

Members received the list of Maldon District Council Planning Decisions.

RECOMMENDED: that the information be noted.

Further to minute 229 of the Planning Committee meeting held on 15th March 2004, members recalled that Oak Tree Meadow in Heybridge, the new development at the former Does Corner, Fambridge Road and Prezzo the new restaurant at 69-71 High Street were previously suggested as possible nominations.

Discussion ensued and it was felt that Prezzo had been refurbished with sympathy and dedication inside and out and should be nominated.

RECOMMENDED: that the Maldon District Council be informed that the Town Council would like to nominate Prezzo, 69-71 High Street for the Building Conservation category and Oak Tree Meadow for the Nature Conservation/Landscape category in the Maldon District Conservation and Design Awards 2004.

Members received (a) a verbal report from Cllr Matthams regarding the parking situation at Princes Road;

(b) a report on previous investigations regarding parking in Princes Road.

Cllr Matthams said that he had not been aware that previous investigations had been undertaken regarding parking in this location and he reported that he had received a number of complaints that patients cannot park their cars at the Doctors surgeries due to inadequate car parking provision and the yellow lines either side of Princes Road also prevented parking. He felt that it would be beneficial if the yellow lines were removed on one side of Princes Road and replaced with limited waiting - 2 hours, no return.

RECOMMENDED: that a letter be forwarded to the Highways Department, Essex County Council enquiring if the yellow line on one side of Princes Road could be replaced with a limited waiting restriction - 2hours, no return.

Notification had been received that Ronald B Broadbridge of Ash Green, Canewdon and Tracey W Broadbridge and Damien Nevin both of the Rose and Crown P H, 109 High Street, Maldon had applied for a transfer of Justices Licence in respect of the Rose and Crown P H, 109 High Street, Maldon, to be held at Witham Magistrates Court on 10th May 2004.

RECOMMENDED: that the information be noted.
   Cllr S. Savage

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.48 p.m.


ITEMS   (copy, report herewith)  are available for inspection at the Town Hall during normal office hours.

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