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Agenda of Meeting

24th April 2006

A chance to air your views on matters concerning the TOWN

18th April, 2006

Dear Councillor,

You are summoned to attend a meeting of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE to be held in the CONFERENCE ROOM, Town Hall, Market Hill, Maldon on MONDAY, 24th APRIL 2006 commencing at 7.30 p.m. when the undermentioned business is proposed to be transacted.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Theresa Byles
Town Clerk


Vice Chairman:

Cllr. K. Smith

Cllr. S. Savage

A. Almond, M. Bentley, D. Denyer, Mrs. M. Game,
I. Mackenzie, Mrs. S. Riesebeck (Deputy Mayor),
T. Shrimpton (Mayor).
Invited to attend: Maldon and Heybridge Horticultural Society.


To receive and consider the minutes of the Environment Committee meeting held on 13th March, 2006.
(copy circulated with the agenda for the Town Council meeting held on 3rd April, 2006)


Financial Statement of Account
(to be circulated)
 3.2 Allotment Inspection

To receive a report from Mrs. Good regarding a recent allotment inspection.
 3.3 Allotment Tenants Public Meeting - Bee Keeping

a. Chairman's Report
Further to minute 76.4 of the Environment Committee meeting held on 13th March, 2006 to receive the verbal report of the Chairman regarding a meeting held with allotment tenants held on 19th April, 2006. This meeting was held to discuss the views of tenants regarding the keeping of bees on allotment plots.

b. Information regarding the Keeping of Bees on an Allotment Plot
In conjunction with the above item to receive and consider information from Bexley Council regarding bee keeping on allotment plots.
(copy herewith - members only)

c. Letters from Tenants Regarding Bees
To receive and considered comments from letters from tenants regarding bee keeping on allotment plots.
(copy herewith - members only)
 3.4 Maldon Hall Allotment Site

a. Roof Tiles
Further to minute 76.2 to note that the tenant who it was believed had asbestos roof tiles on his shed roof was requested to replac them and the following response has been received:

"In reply to your letter dated 27.3.06 I have had my tiles checked by "Maldon Demolition" and they have been deemed "Non Hazardous". I trust this puts an end to this situation."

b. Shed, Plot 21ab
A request has been received from a tenant seeking permission to erect a shed on the above plot.
(information available at the meeting)
 3.5 Warwick Crescent Site

a. Boundary Fence
To receive and consider a letter from a tenant of the Warwick Crescent allotment site regarding the installation of a new boundary fence at the site by tenants.
(copy herewith - members only)

b. Water Tap
To receive and consider a letter from a tenant requesting permission to install a water tap adjacent to his plot.
(copy herewith - members only)
 3.6 National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Limited

To receive and consider information regarding the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Limited and to consider whether the Town Council joins the National Society for an annual fee of 58.85.
(copy herewith - members only)
 3.7 Questions from the Maldon and Heybridge Horticultural Society

To receive and consider the Notes of the following Maldon in Bloom Meetings:

a. 8th March, 2006
b. 12th April, 2006
(copies herewith)

To receive a progress report regarding the refurbishment work at the churchyard:

The top surface has been installed on the footpaths.

The benches and litterbin have been permanently fixed in place.

A site meeting has been held with the Chairman of the Environment Committee, Mrs. Good and representatives from the Conservation Department, Maldon District Council regarding the installation of interpretation boards within the churchyard. Members will recall that it had initially been suggested that a series of boards be displayed along the red brick wall at the far side of the churchyard. The Conservation Officer suggested that this may cause damage to the wall as the bricks were made from a soft material and should damp get between the wall and the interpretation board, serious damage could be caused to the wall.

It was suggested that a series of lectern style boards would be preferable. These could be located at various locations throughout the churchyard with facts regarding different aspects of the churchyard. Suggested topics include:
The refurbishment project, Town Council and Lottery input
History of the Building / Sundial
Dr. Thomas Plume
Edward Bright (tomb located in the grounds)
United Reformed Church - Rev. Billio

The District Council has advised that there may be funding available for the installation of interpretation boards at the garden. It also has a staff designer who could assist with the design of the boards at a cost of 13.00 per hour.

The carving of the tree trunk into a wood sculpture will commence on 8th May.

It has been noticed that the tomb of Edward Bright is situated in the churchyard and is in need of refurbishment. The tomb is surrounded by railings and is the only such tomb in the town. Members are requested to consider whether to obtain a quotation, from the conservationist who is to refurbish the railings around the War Memorial, to undertake similar refurbishment work to this tomb. It may be possible to obtain grant funding from the Maldon District Council to assist with this work.

Further to minute 48 of the Environment Committee meeting held on 1st November, 2005 to receive and consider a quotation from a conservationist to undertake restoration work to the War Memorial.
(copy herewith - members only)

Members will recall that the rolling programme to install additional bus shelters in the town now has a budget of 4,000 available. Locations suggested by First Bus Company for new shelters within the town included Milton Road, outside Poundstretcher, White Horse Public House, Promenade Park gates, Acacia Drive, Spital Road, High Street by former Bus Station. Members had previously suggested that the next location for a new shelter should be outside Poundstretcher.

At the Annual Town meeting a member of the public suggested that it would be beneficial for a shelter to be installed opposite to the new shelter, erected by Essex County Council as part of the Quality Bus Partnership Route Scheme, at Wycke Hill. She also suggested that it would be preferable for seats to be installed in the bus shelter rather than a perching bench. In this respect, to consider:

a. the possible location for a new bus shelter;
b. To receive the following quotations to supply and install a cantilever shelter of either the same/similar design of shelter as previously erected outside Smiths. To note that these quotations include a perch bench and not seats.

(i) 2,770.84
(ii) 3,197.00
(iii) 2,848.00

Should the location of a shelter be in the Conservation area, members may wish to consider erecting a Queensbury, Chester semi-enclosed shelter, as recently erected outside All Saints' Church. The basic cost of such a shelter is 3,450.00 for a 2 bay shelter (2.75 m) but investigations are in progress regarding possible grant funding from District Council and Essex County Council for a shelter.

To receive and consider a letter from residents of Longship Way/Viking Close requesting the removal of self-sown Ash trees which are growing close to their boundary walls.
(copy herewith)

The Friends of Leech Memorial Garden have requested that work be undertaken to a Silver Birch tree in the garden which is dropping branches. In this respect to receive and consider quotations to undertake the necessary work.
(copy to be circulated at the meeting)

ITEMS   (copy, report herewith)  are available for inspection at the Town Hall during normal office hours.

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