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Agenda of Meeting

29th November 2005

A chance to air your views on matters concerning the TOWN

22nd November, 2005

Dear Councillor,

You are summoned to attend a meeting of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE to be held in the CONFERENCE ROOM, Town Hall, Market Hill, Maldon on TUESDAY, 29th NOVEMBER 2005 commencing at 7.30 p.m. when the undermentioned business is proposed to be transacted.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Theresa Byles
Town Clerk


Vice Chairman:

Cllr. K. Smith

Cllr. S. Savage

A. Almond, M. Bentley, Mrs. M. Game,
I. Mackenzie, Mrs. S. Riesebeck (Deputy Mayor),
T. Shrimpton (Mayor) and Mrs. E. Williams.
Invited to attend: Maldon and Heybridge Horticultural Society.


To receive and consider the minutes of the Environment Committee meeting held on 1st November, 2005.
(copy circulated with the agenda for the Town Council meeting held on 7th November, 2005)


Financial Statement of Account
(copy herewith - members only)
 3.2 Maldon Hall Allotment Site

a. Re-Placement Fence - Maldon Hall
Members are informed that it has been confirmed that the contractor hopes to commence work on replacing the front boundary fence and gates on 28th November, 2005.

b. Track
Members are informed that, despite notices being displayed stating, "No vehicular access during wet conditions" vehicles have been entering the site. This has caused the pathway adjacent to the by-pass hedge to become severely rutted. A major problem also recently occurred when a 4-wheel drive vehicle and trailer became embedded up to its axles in mud on a tenant's plot whilst delivering manure for another plot holder. After a site visit by the Chairman of the Committee and the Administrative Assistant and a subsequent visit by the Chairman and a tenant of the site, it has been agreed by the Chairman, Town Clerk and Administrative Assistant to accept an offer by a tenant to obtain road chippings and fill the ruts. This work would be done voluntarily by tenants of the site. To date, although a vehicle has been recognised, the identity of the tenant is yet to be confirmed.

c. Gates
As members will recall both entrance gates to the site are being replaced by double gates in conjunction with the installation of the new fence. To eliminate the recent problems caused by vehicular access to the site during the winter, the contractor has been requested to ensure that one of each set of gates can be locked and secured by padlock. Members to note that there may be a slight additional cost for this essential work to the gates and suitable padlocks will need to be purchased.

d. Shed
Further to minute 45.3 of the Environment Committee meeting held on 1st November, 2005, the tenant of plot 29 has now realised that the shed will be intrusive on the plot. He now wishes to erect the shed on the boundary hedge where the storage boxes were located and for which members granted permission in the past. The shed will be partly hidden within the boundary hedge and the hedgerow plants will be encouraged to grow around it.
 3.4 Warwick Crescent - Boundary Hedges

To receive and consider a quotation from the Ground Maintenance Contractor in the sum of 529.00 plus VAT to trim the boundary hedges at the Warwick Crescent site. The hedge adjacent to the Lift Footpath to be trimmed to the height of 5 feet. All arisings to be removed from the site. To note that this work will be included in the Ground Maintenance Contract for 2006 - 2010.
 3.5 Brickhouse Farm - Shed

To receive and consider a request from a tenant to erect a shed on plot 14, Brickhouse Farm allotment site. The dimensions of the shed are 3ft wide x 2 ft deep x 6 ft. high.
 3.6 Questions from the Maldon and Heybridge Horticultural Society

To receive and consider the Notes of the Maldon in Bloom Working Party meeting held on 9th November, 2005.
(copy herewith)

Further to minute 36 of the Environment Committee meeting held on 1st November, 2005 members will recall that it was agreed for additional work be included in the Floral Decorations Contract. Members are informed that, due to an administrative error, the figure of 102.00 plus VAT quoted to fill, maintain and water 12 planter was incorrect. The correct figure should be 600.00 plus VAT. (i.e. 50 per planter) An amendment has been made to the budget requirements.

To receive and consider a quotation in the sum of 440.00 plus VAT from the Ground Maintenance Contractor to create new planting areas along the front footpath of Market Hill Garden. This includes re-arranging and moving rocks to the front of the garden, digging over the soil and remove some of the rocks from the back of the beds to make a level planting areas to ensure that the water does not run off the front when the beds are watered. Members to note that funding for summer and winter planting of these beds has been included in the Ground Maintenance Contract for 2006 - 2010.

Further to minute 97.1 of the Environment Committee meeting held on 8th March, 2005 members are informed that it has been reported that cars are once again being parked on the amenity area. In this respect to receive and consider a quotation for a sign advising that there is No Parking on the Grass. Copy to be circulated at the meeting.


To receive and consider costs and design of benches for St. Peter's Churchyard. The Essex Environment Trust included the sum of 400 within their grant to fund a bench (400) in the churchyard.

a. Westminster bench - weight 42 kg - length - 1800mm - 401.00
Kensington bench -        weight 46kg - length - 1800mm - 352.00
Fixing kit                                                                                34.00

b. Glenham bench -       weight 26kg - length - 1800 mm - 630.00
London bench -              weight 32kg - length - 1800mm - 640.00

Mrs. Sybil Nickolls, widow of Past Mayor Peter Nickolls, requests permission to install a Westminster bench Memorial Bench with an inscription in St. Peter's Churchyard.
 8.2 Litter Bin

To consider purchasing a Streetmaster litterbin and fixings in the sum of 283.00 plus VAT and delivery to be installed in the garden. This design and make of litterbin are currently being installed by the Parks Department, Maldon District Council who have found their design to be very robust and virtually vandal proof. It is felt that this would be most suitable for this exposed location.
 8.3 New Flowerbed

Further to the Maldon in Bloom Working Party to consider the installation of a new flowerbed in St. Peter's Churchyard. This is to be part of a Primary School project for 2006 where local schools have been invited to design, grow and plant up flower beds at various locations in the town. It is anticipated that sponsorship will be obtained for the project (Cllr. Savage to report). For information, the ongoing maintenance costs for an additional flowerbed would be 340.00 per year to plant with summer and winter bedding and maintain.

Finger Post
A request has been received from the Curator of the Combined Military Services Museum enquiring if the Town Council would consent to a Finger Post being located in St. Peter's Churchyard adjacent to the boundary wall on the junction of Market Hill and High Street. This sign would direct visitors to the museum which is located in Station Road, Maldon, (off the Tesco roundabout) and state, "Combined Military Services Museum X metres". It would also give the Town Council the opportunity to have additional fingers directing visitors to its own buildings such as the Moot Hall and Town Hall. It is anticipated that the style would be similar to those currently placed around the town and all costs for its purchase and installation would be undertaken by the museum. An enquiry has also been submitted to the Planning Department, MDC which stated that if the sign included Town Council information it would not require Planning Permission.


Friends of Leech Memorial Garden

An informal coffee morning is being held on 2nd December, 2005 in the Moot Hall commencing at 11.00 a.m. and a press release has been issued for the local press inviting interested parties to attend.
 9.2 Litter Bins

Further to minute 20 of the Environment Committee meeting held on 4th July, 2005 to consider a quotation for the litter bins to be installed at the Leech Memorial Garden.

a. Wybone heavy duty litter bin   137.67
Fixing bolts                                    100.00
Total                                              237.67 each

b. Streetmaster heavy duty litter bin        226.00
Fixings                                                        100.00
Total                                                           326.00 each

Members are informed that should they wish to proceed with this the is currently 400 in the Leech Memorial Estimate Head. Additional funding would need to be vired from an alternative Estimate Head.
 9.3 Dog Bins

Members are informed that post for the dog waste bin at the garden has been broken. Costing for a replacement to be available at the meeting.

It has been reported that the rear boundary fence has become damaged and in need of repair. The Handyman has been requested to provide details of the purchase costs of the materials to repair the fence, to be available at the meeting.

ITEMS   (copy, report herewith)  are available for inspection at the Town Hall during normal office hours.

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