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Maldon Youth Council

All young town residents aged between 11 and 18 were invited to an open evening on 23 September 1999, to help create a Maldon Town Youth Council. "The Youth Council will be entirely driven by their ideas." Said the Mayor who presided over that informal evening. "The Town Council will provide a meeting room and offer initial administrative support."

Currently we have vacancies for All (8) members, which consists of a chairperson, vice-chair person, secretary and other Youth Council members. In the past, we have held various events in Maldon such as discos and a Battle of the Bands contest, which were a grate success. Could you join and hold, the Battle of the Bands contest and in the future. It could be an annual event.

So you're probably thinking what else can you do on the Youth Council! Well we organise various events and we help run events with the Maldon Town Council such as the one-day cinemas and the ice skating rink, which happens in the Town Hall. Could you in the future plan, or organise a climbing wall event?

If you are interested in joining the Youth Council then you have to be 18 or under and live in the Maldon area.   It does not matter if you go to a different school such as Sandon or Thurstable you are still welcome.

Being in the Maldon Youth Council will be considered as an extra curricular activity, which can be used in CVs and UCAS forms. It shows that you can work in a team and that you have leadership and communication skills.

So if you have a view on Maldon, and would like to have your opinions listened to, then why not come to one of our meetings and get involved in the Youth Council. If you would like to contact us for meeting times and dates then you can:-

e-mail:- Maldon Youth Council

Maldon Youth Council

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