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Maldon Distict CouncilMaldon Distict Council

District Council Offices,
Princes Road,
Maldon, Essex,  CM9 5DL.

The role of the Maldon District Council (31 Members)

The Council comprises all the elected Members of the District.

The Council will agree a number of statutory documents in particular:

* The Maldon Community Plan
* The Best Value Performance Plan
* The Local Agenda 21 strategy
* The Maldon Community Safety strategy

In addition the Council will be responsible for setting the budget and Council Tax, appointing the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council; the Membership of the Council's Committees; adoption of a detailed Constitution; Delegation Arrangements, Standing Orders and Financial Regulations to comply with the Local Government Act 2000.

Governance of the Maldon District Council

Committees and Sub-Committees


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