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Maldon District Council's Committees and Sub-Committees

Overview and Scrutiny

Committees and Sub-Committees

Standards Committee
Finance and Corporate Services Committee
Community Services Committee
Planning and Licensing Committee
Area Planning Committees

Arrangements for Overview and Scrutiny

The Council has decided to have one Overview and Scrutiny Committee with a Membership of eight.

The Membership of the Committee will be separate from the policy and decision making Committees.

The principal responsibilities of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be:
* To examine the decision making processes of the policy committees.
* To call in recommendations of the other committees where they have not been enacted if there is justifiable concern about the implications of a course of action.
* To receive Best Value Service Reviews, to challenge the process followed and to make recommendations on the review findings to the Council or the appropriate policy committee.
* To convene cross cutting reviews of services and issues affecting the District.
* To invite outside agencies and interested individuals to attend relevant scrutiny meetings.


Committees and Sub-Committees

As can be seen from the diagram on page (2), Maldon District Council has a Standards Committee, a Finance and Corporate Services Committee, a Community Services Committee,

a Planning and Licensing Committee and three Area Planning Committees. A broad outline of the assignment of functions to those Committees is as follows:


Standards Committee

(4 Members + 2 non-members one of whom will be Chairman + 3 Parish Council Members)

* Member standards.
* Member training.
* Code of Conduct.
* Parish Standards.


Finance and Corporate Services Committee

(9 Members)
* Recommendations to Council on the overall District Council Budget.
* Recommendations to Council on the District Council Tax precept.
* Investment strategy.
* Overview of the Council Tax and Benefits functions.
* Responsibility for the Senior Management Structure of the Council - guided by the Council's Terms of Reference and the staffing establishment.
* Implementation of action plans from Best Value Reviews relevant to Financial Services, Council Tax and Benefits.
* IT strategy and e-government.
* Responsibility for Council's Facilities Management.


Community Services Committee

(9 Members)
* Responsibilities relating to Leisure, Housing, Community, Environmental Health and Waste Management services.
* Responsibility for the adoption of Maldon Cultural Strategy, Maldon Housing Investment Programme.
* Recommendations to Council on LA 21 and Community Safety.
* Implementation of action plans from Best Value Reviews relevant to Leisure, Housing, Community and Environmental Health.


Planning and Licensing Committee

(10 Members)
* Planning Policy development.
* Licensing matters.
* Licensing matters.
* Development Control - major planning applications and plans crossing two areas.
* Economic Development and Tourism policy.
* Implementation of action plans from Best Value Reviews relevant to Planning Policy, Economic Development and Development Control.
* Highways and Rivers.
* Building Control.


Area Planning Committees

(Members as detailed on page 2)
* Development Control - determination of planning and other applications relevant to the area and not delegated to officers, and the enforcement of planning control.
* Input into Planning and Licensing Committee from the area perspective on other matters.
* Membership is drawn from the Ward Members covering the area and is therefore, an exception from the normal political balance arrangements.
* Local highway matters.
* Street naming.


Agendas and Minutes, are available for inspection at the
District Council Offices during normal office hours.

Governance of the Maldon District Council

The role of the Council (31 Members)


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